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Undecided - click me to enter asshole!
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R.I.P. Layne. Click here to see a tribute page I made for him called 'Rain When I Die'.
Also, UnDeciDeD has a full song mp3 up on IUMA!

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The Trip Productions - Site comming soon.

I'll let this site speak for it's self. If you have a band... GO HERE!

This is where you can get anything you could ever need for your band! I've been getting the catalog from this place for more years then I can remember & I love the prices. Order through this link & get Undecided a check in the mail!
Got Gear?  Best Prices on the Net!

This link isn't working yet. Check back later & give us 10% when you buy!

If you need to buy ANYTHING for you computer, click on the banner bellow to go to Tiger Direct. This place is great! Plus, if you buy something after going through this link to get there, I'll get a commision. Any cash I get this way will go to the band, so help us out. Besides, you can't beat their prices. - M.T.Moon

Hey! This link is the same deal as above, but the pecentage of the commision is even higher. lol. If you go through this link & sign up, Undecided will get a payday! So don't be cheap & show us your love... M.T.Moon

I use callwave. It's a good service. Even more so because of how much I'm online. What's even better is for a few bucks a month, they throw in caller ID. I love it!

Why leave you house to get new music?

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