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Welcome to the site for 'Undecided'. We are from the Franklin/Oil City PA area. The current line up has been together since the first week of 2002. We're a Heavy Metal band with some punk & hardcore influences thrown in. If you haven't heard us already, make sure to download the samples of our demo. Oh, and for all the assholes against it... yes, THE LYRICS ARE SCREAMED!! Sorry, but comming from a place where 90% of the population listens to rap if under 25 & country if over makes me just alittle bitter. Enjoy your visit & sign the book!! - M.T.Moon

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5.28.02 - NEW SOULFLY DISK!! It's fucking great... I swear, anything Max touches turns to gold. Oh, by the way... Undecided has found a name! We are now Drawndown. There will be a new site comming soon as well so keep checking back, or for now you can email me to be put on our mailing list. Geuss what?? NEW LINKS AS WELL!! Who would have thought it?
5.2.02 - I'm dissapointed in most of you... Not very meny ppl have signed the book for Rain When I Die. I got 4 more kick assed band links up. I think it's time we in Undecided thought of a real name. Let me know if any of you can help us make our minds up.
4.30.02 - Here is a link to IUMA which has the full lenth mp3 of 'Nothing in Me'. & even though it's only been one day since the last update, YES there is a new band on the links page!
4.29.02 - I'm sure most of you have heard about Layne Staley. I made a tribute site called 'Rain When I Die' in his memory. Plz go & sign the book if AIC ment anything to you. As always, I got more links up as well.
4.20.02 - God I love Stonerday! I'm so fucking ripped! Too high to add more links... now, where'd I put those ho-hos?!?
4.18.02 - BRYON is back!! The dumbass got himself booted out of school, so now he's back & ready to rip shit up with us again. We've also got afew songs about ready to be recorded for our second demo. I got afew more links up as well.
4.5.02 - Well, it's been a fucking month & we still don't have a bassplayer. At this rate Bryon will be able to have his spot back when he gets out of school in a few years. No offence Bryon, but this sucks!!! lol. Got some new links up. SEND US ALL YOUR MONEY & sing the damn book, will ya?
3.5.02 - Got some more links up today. Still no bassplayer, but we have afew to tryout yet. Stay tunned kiddies.
2.24.02 - Well, Bryon is out. He took off to go to school. He'll be missed, but it's time to move on. We are looking for another bassplayer & I'll let you know how the search turns out.
2.11.02 - I finnily got the sound & vid clips working! Go check them out. I also got some links up.
2.2.02 - Changed the intro page. Fixed alot, but I'm haveing troubles uploading the samples. Hmmmm... Got the book up; SIGN IT!
1.31.02 - Got this fuck online today. Flawd, but cool. Maybe the pics will come up someday. Maybe?

as of 2.2.02

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