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Here you can download samples of our demo & some video clips. As time goes on, I may decide to throw some other shit up here as well. The samples are in wave format, and are short 15 to 30 second clips. If you like what you here, send me an e-mail to get a copy of the demo for CD $3 + shipping. You'll need WinZip to open the files. If you don't have it, go to & get it.

It's not 667KB / 31 sec
Nothing in me 445KB / 20 sec
Rise & Fall 416KB / 18 sec

Sample clips not good enough for you?!? Then go to IUMA & download the full mp3 of 'It's Not".

These are clips of Matt C. laying down some of the vokills. All three are in .mpeg format.

mpeg#1 119KB / 5 sec
mpeg#2 1.02MB / 47 sec
mpeg#3 343KB / 15 sec